About us

Welcome to Stalai Jums - a unique family business. We are a special Lithuanian brand, where each product is carefully made by hand, reflecting not only craftsmanship, but also family warmth.

Our story began in 1992, when we produced the first table, and since then the hobby has turned into a passion and desire to create new and unique products. We have more than 32 years of experience in furniture production, which allows us to say with confidence that we have succeeded in making a dream come true.

Stalai Jums is a family business and we are proud of it. Our goal is not only to create functional and aesthetic furniture, but also to share with you the joy we feel every time our products are included in the interior of your home.

Here you will find exclusive handmade products that reflect love for quality and design. "Stalai Jums" – are not only furniture, but also an artistic expression that we want to convey to your home.

Let us be a part of your home's history. Thank you for choosing us!